Glass pool hall correctly dehumidifiedThe provision of a pleasant environment for bathers is critical when designing an indoor pool or spa bath facility.

Heated water will evaporate significant  amounts of condensation and increase humidity levels drastically. Unchecked, serious damage to fixtures, fittings and the fabric of the building will take place, and the atmosphere within the building will become very unpleasant.

It is essential that excess moisture is removed from the pool hall before it can cause any damage; and that the humidity level is regulated to ensure that water vapour cannot penetrate walls and ceilings. A pool hall dehumidification system is necessary in removing the excess moisture and replacing it with warm dry air creating a pleasant environment for the pools users.

As well as improving the pool hall environment, a dehumidifier can recover latent energy from the warm moist air, providing heat for pool water and pool hall. Heat recovery can be from  70-99% efficient, making modern dehumidification systems much more eco-friendly as well as cost effective.

In order to maximise on the efficiency of any dehumidification system the correct ductwork must be designed; removing all of the moist air and supplying the warm dry air back to the pool hall. This dry warm air must be targeted at key places where humidity can cause the most problems, glass windows being one of the biggest one.

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