DuctingA sufficient air handling system is essential in any pool hall environment, extracting moist air and replacing it with fresh, heated air from a Dehumidifier. This helps prevent the discomfort associated with high humidity environments and also prevents damage to the fabric of the building. Humid air condensates on cold materials, meaning that any exposed steel or glazing can lead to the growth of mould, mildew, bacteria and fungi which thrive in moist conditions.

It is essential to factor in air handling, early on in the design process. Areas to consider include: glazing, steelwork, pool & spa area, changing rooms, bathrooms and any areas where pool users commune. By considering the air handling early on, and making allowances for space requirements, an adequate supply will be ensured.

Concealed ductwork systems can distribute the fresh air though a variety of outlets, grilles, diffusers and louvres built into the fabric of the pool hall. Key areas such a glass windows require a steady flow of warm fresh air passed over them to prevent condensation, and aid in creating a pleasant environment.

Brookforge design, specify and supply the swimming pool dehumidifiers for domestic and commercial swimming pool and spa environments.

If your pool hall has been built without provision for dehumidifcation ducting worry not, we have some clever techniques to conceal Retrofit ducing as long as there’s some space available